“Project management: preparing for ISO-21500 certification»

The Branch of the Academy of public administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the city of Shymkent held a training seminar for civil servants on the topic «Project Management: preparation for ISO – 21500 certification». Participants of the seminar developed statutory and project tasks, developing intuitive and logical approaches to effective management of their activities.
Online training Project management were conducted by the Professor of the branch, doctor of economic Sciences Essirkepova Altyn Mahmudovna.
As a result of the training, students developed the following projects aimed at improving the industry and the regions in which they work:
«Opening of a shop for processing solid household waste in the settlement of Kazygurt»;
«Setting up a hydroelectric power station»;
«Installation of the cellular communication tower»;
«Installing an ATM in the village of Tortkul»;
«In case of emergency and quarantine measures»;
«Ensuring information security»;
«Reconstruction of old Cords in Tolebi district»;
«Modernization of the water utility system»;
«Summer recreation and leisure complex for strengthening the health of teenagers».

After hearing the projects, Adilet Adilbekovich, Director of the branch, noted the importance of the issues raised.

During the course of the five-day training, we hope that students will gain perseverance and drive to achieve their goals, develop leadership potential and creative thinking, and acquire practical project management skills.