The Academy of public administration was the first in Kazakhstan to pass the international certification of the anti-bribery management system

The Academy of public administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan became the first state organization in the Republic of Kazakhstan to pass the certification of the anti-bribery management system for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 37001:2016. The certificate of conformity is registered in the international register of certificates of conformity from accredited management system certification bodies (

Today, the management system in the field of countering bribery in the private and public sector is an innovation for Kazakhstan and represents a promising and effective mechanism for combating bribery, which is used in all developed countries. ISO 37001 standard

The international standard ISO 37001 has become an additional effective mechanism in the fight against corruption for many organizations in the world and has incorporated the world’s best anti-corruption practices to protect the management system of organizations of all forms of ownership from corruption and corruption risks.

Organizations that have implemented the ISO 37001 standard and are certified according to its requirements receive a number of advantages, such as demonstrating to interested parties (customers, business partners, investors and regulatory authorities) compliance with anti-corruption legislation; the ability to avoid or reduce material and financial losses from possible unfair actions of company employees; the ability to avoid reputational losses; obtaining a competitive advantage by participating in various procurement programs of large organizations and companies; building trust and confidence when working with foreign partners (customers, suppliers, etc.).

“This is a very important and significant event for us, as the Academy has been paying close attention to ensuring high ethical standards, increasing transparency of business processes and creating zero tolerance for corruption among employees since the very beginning of its activities. And now we have received proof that we are moving in the right direction, that our organization has implemented and successfully operates an anti – corruption management system that guarantees – regardless of changing external and internal conditions-a consistently high level of educational services provided by the Academy. Also, the Academy’s ISO 37001 certificate is a signal for all our partners and stakeholders, proof of the dynamic development of the Academy in strict accordance with the accepted legal, professional and ethical standards,” said Yerlan Abil, rector of the Academy of public administration.

It is worth noting that in order to pass certification, it was necessary to pass a number of procedures.

For example, this is training. In February 2020, a course of lectures was organized and conducted with the involvement of a certified international lecturer from the accredited international certification body for personnel and management systems (PECB, Canada, The course is based on theoretical and practical world practices on the study of ISO 37001 requirements, as well as the implementation of effective and efficient anti-bribery management systems in organizations of various profiles. The result of the training course was a certification exam. All participants of the training course from the Academy successfully passed the exam and are listed in the international register of certified developers from RESV (

In addition, the provisions on the application of ISO 37001 were integrated into the training programs for civil servants, including the development and implementation (together with international organizations) of separate courses on effective methods of fighting corruption and certain forms of its manifestation.

Having acquired the necessary skills to develop and implement the anti-bribery management system by the Academy staff, a number of specific organizational and technical anti-bribery measures for business processes were identified, such as planning and management of activities; comprehensive legal due diligence; measures in the financial sphere; measures in the non-financial sphere; implementation of anti-bribery mechanisms by managed organizations and business partners; anti-bribery obligations; gifts, tokens of appreciation, donations and similar incentives; measures for inappropriate anti-bribery mechanisms; reporting suspicions; investigating and taking action against bribery.

Based on the risk-oriented and process-based approaches that are the basis of ISO 37001, the Academy has implemented a management system for countering bribery, taking into account the developed organizational and technical measures.

The next stage of the project was the certification audit of the anti-bribery management system of the Academy in July 2020 in the international accredited body “CERT International” ( The team of certified expert auditors noted the high level of involvement of the Academy’s management and staff in the functioning of the anti-bribery management system, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the anti-bribery measures applied by the Academy.

The result of the compliance assessment was a certificate of compliance of the anti-bribery management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 37001: 2016.

“We are proud that the Academy is one of the first organizations in the country to confirm compliance with the management system. High involvement and well-coordinated work of all structural divisions of the Academy allowed us to successfully pass the certification audit. Our plans are to scale the anti-corruption management system to other organizations in the country, based on our accumulated experience in this field,” concluded the rector of the Academy.

The Academy plans to scale the anti-corruption management system to other organizations in the country, based on the accumulated experience in this field.